About us (old)


Alyce Compton : Growing up Art was a very important part of my family. My two brothers were schooled in art and my sister is very creative as well. I found that I too had the inclination for art and expression through crafting. I personally find art and craft making very challenging and pleasureable. I enjoy the thought of creating something that could bring delight, happiness or hold fond memories for the person who purchases one of the arts and crafts that we produce. One of the factors that has inspired the creation of Gingerbread Fair was the Christmas Holidays, our love for beautiful and fun ornaments and decorations.
Karen Mitchell: Most of my education in art and crafting came during the 12 years I spent in Germany. I loved the magic of the Christkindlemarkt and wanted to infuse some of that kind of magic into my own decorations. Our love for gingerbread was the inspiration for our polymer clay cookies and wooden gingerbread houses. I love having the freedom to create something new and different every day. For me the best part is when someone else takes so much joy out of what I took so much joy making. How can it get any better than that?

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